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The Golden Rule of your health: Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control estimated that 46.1 million people were treated for arthritis and other rheumatic conditions in 2003. It said 29.5 million of them lost earnings. The nation's cost for arthritis and related conditions was 128 billion in 2003. The government anticipates eight million more people will suffer from arthritis through 2015.

The like is cured by the like

Many people – and some doctors - are convinced that whenever it is appropriate natural remedies should be the first health aid choice, especially when they prove to do a good job. Every single one of us is part of Nature, and all “natural” elements are, to a large degree, chemically or biologically similar. That is why ancient Romans built their medical practices upon what they called “similia similibus curantur”. Ancient doctors were familiar with the “law of similarity” which is translated as “like is cured by like.” Natural remedy (not all ‘naturals’ are remedies) has the ability to enrich a biologically or chemically similar compound - to heal it. Their interaction always results in positive synergy, and that leads to healing with no side effects. Side effect is an outcome of negative synergy when intrusion is done by a dissimilar composition, like chemically produced medicine.

Treasury of remedies from the bottom of the sea

deep sea gold productsIn the recent years scientists are probing the links between mineral deficiency in the human body and major chronic diseases. Oceans and, especially, deep sea waters are extremely rich in minerals, salts, and microelements. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater by noticing the healing affects it had on the injured hands of fishermen. Seawater not only restricted infection risks, but also promoted pain relief. It is now known that sea salt therapy is an effective treatment that assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and induces a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and seawater. The application of seawater (which biologically is similar to the body’s own internal fluids) allows magnesium and potassium to be drawn into the blood stream while toxins are actively eliminated.

Nothing else-and nothing less

Deep Sea Gold™ remedies are scientifically formulated to assure their therapeutic efficiency. The salinity of Deep Sea Gold™ is at least 17 times greater than that of the oceans. The concentration of magnesium, known for its therapeutic properties, including significant impact on the immune system, is 27 times higher; bromine, which has a sedative effect on the nervous system, is 42 times more concentrated than that found in the oceans. The highest possible concentration of healing minerals makes these therapeutic products ideal to use for you at home. The remedies have been proven to boost the immune system, restore damaged cells, reduce soreness, pain, inflammation, and swelling, thus, restoring the injured tissue.

First thing first: Pain sensation

"It's pain that brings people into the doctor's office," says Penney Cowan, executive director of the American Chronic Pain Association. "It is pain that they want treated."

  • Pain has emerged as a devastating public health problem. According to the American Chronic Pain Association, pain is the No 1 cause of adult disability in the U.S. At least one out of six people live with chronic pain.
  • "People who have chronic pain are exponentially more likely to have psychiatric illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders," says Christopher L. Edwards, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine.

The causes of pain aren't so surprising. As people age, their old sins catch up with them. A lifetime of minor injuries -- a stress fracture from jogging in your 30s, a bad back from lifting a couch in your 40s -- can add up and cause serious pain.  Disease can play a hand, too. Pain can stem from arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. Pain after surgery can become chronic. Painful syndromes, like fibromyalgia, also cause suffering.  "With almost every medical condition, the incidence of pain increases with age," says Steven P. Cohen, MD, an anesthesiologist in the division of pain medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Pain relieving and speedy healing

  • Deep Sea Gold™ remedies demonstrate proven ability for pain relieving and healing. The remedies contain dissolved natural chemical components (minerals, micro elements, and ions) vital to health. These elements, in particular from a very large amount of magnesium and bromide chloride, infiltrate the tissue.
    In patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, cartilage of the joints often undergoes deformation.
    In the knees affected with Osteoarthritis, normal joint cartilage becomes thin and loses its ability to act as cushion absorber. As a result, normal electronegative charges of the joint side of cartilage become suppressed. This causes pathological decrease in cartilage elasticity (stiff joints), and dramatic imbalance of electrolytes in joins. DeepSea Gold™ remedies promote relief and speedy healing by correcting the electrolytic imbalance and normalizing the electrical charges in cartilage.
  • The inner surfaces of the joints do not contain blood vessels, and normally derive their nutrition from the inner parts of the body by a specialized diffusion system. This system appears to malfunction in the patients with Arthritis and Rheumatism, causing progressive deterioration of joint structures, and causes much pain. DeepSea Gold™ remedies could circumvent this latent defect and deliver the minerals and ions to the internal surfaces of a joint from outside. The pervasive penetration probably occurs by diffusion along the concentration gradient as a result of very high concentration of ions in remedies relative to intra- and intercellular concentrations in body tissues. This process may be facilitated by interaction of magnesium ions with the membrane enzyme (ATP-ase), which results in increased permeability of mucous membranes to ions.
  • There are no nerves in articular cartilage, and the perception of pain in the joints originates in the surrounding tissues. The Substance P is considered to play an important role in such pain sensation. Ions are identified to inhibit and neutralize the activation of the Substance P.
  • The minerals significantly reinforce the body's essential ability to restore the normal ionic balance in connective tissues. This dynamics provides prompt and long lasting pain relief, accelerates remodeling of deformed tissue, and fosters speedy healing. Current research is looking at the role minerals play in the joints homeostasis. Certain enzymes and immune modulators are directly affected by their surrounding ions. DeepSea Gold™ remedies change the concentration of the ions in the joint possibly decreasing these destructive enzymes and their ultimate damage to the joints.

Improved oral health eliminates your dental bills

  • The condition known as periodontosis usually begins as an acute inflammation of the gingival tissue known as gingivitis, manifested by bleeding of the gums. In susceptible individuals, gingivitis progresses to periodonosis, in which the destructive inflammatory process extends into the deeper periodontal tissues. A growing body of evidence suggests that this oral malady, in addition to being a major cause of teeth loss, can arise risk for several potentially deadly systemic diseases. The increased risk may be related to the systemic dissemination of gram-negative anaerobic bacteria and their components present in subgingival biofilm, including inflammatory mediators that reach very high levels in the diseased periodontal tissues. DeepSea Gold™ remedies kill all the predominantly gram-negative anaerobic bacteria, eliminating pathogenic bacteria formation on the tooth surfaces and between the surface of the tooth root and gingival. The remedies suppress inflammation that destroys the attachment of gingival tissue to the tooth, create conditions for periodontal pockets to decrease, prevent collagenous fibers of the periodontal ligament and the bony housing of the tooth roots to be destroyed. Minerals quench free radicals in the affected tissues, while nourishing them with their own vital minerals, preserve the tissue vitality, reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness.
  • DeepSeaGold™ remedies kill anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath. The remedies eliminate both the bacterial source of bad breath and the foul smelling bi-products-VSCs (Volatile Sulphur Compounds). Research has shown that VSCs are the rotten smelling source of the bad breath. Remedies suppress and kill all of about 400 species of VSCs producing bacteria found in the mouth.
    It is a well known fact that over 90% of people suffer from bad breath, and over 25 million Americans have a condition known as Halitosis (chronically severe bad breath.)


Testimonials In Their Own Words
“…The world needs your product.”

- Ronda Abrams, a syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and popular public speaker

“…DeepSea Gold™, a pain relieving anti-inflammatory medication, has been featured on Ask the Doctor, a nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show, hosted by Derrick DeSilva, MD”

- Derrick DeSilva, MD, NJ

Your medicine is the only one

Read about DeepSea Gold™ in a newspaper I am 30. Several months ago I had a very bad car accident. Since then I have been suffering from pain all over my body. I had tried every pain relieving medicine available. Nothing helped; I was scared and miserable. Then one lucky day I read an article in a local newspaper about DeepSea Gold miracle pain reliever. I want you to know that your medicine is the only one that has helped me. I still have some pain left, but now I am definitely heading for a full recovery.

- Albina M., Albany, NY

It stopped my pain

Please send me another jar of DeepSea Gold. I like it; it stopped pain in my arms.

- Birdy W., Shawboro, NC

No more pain

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left toe. I experienced strong pain and was reduced to limping. Medicine prescribed by doctors and taken orally was of no help. Neither was the pain killing shots. Then a customer of mine suggested I try DeepSea Gold. The day after I had used it for the first time all the symptoms started to disappear. A few days later I was completely well again. I have been so lucky!

- John Z., Queens, NY

Helping many more people

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude for the ‘golden cream’ you sent to my wife. She suffered from a lot of pain in her hands. No medicine helped, and doctors recommended surgery. After having used DeepSes Gold for some time according to your instructions and with G-d’s help she is completely pain free. We have recommended your cream to our relatives and friends who suffered from joint pains. Those who used this cream (that is worth more than gold) have become pain free very quickly. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I pray that with G-d’s help you would be successful in helping many more people.

- Rabbi A. Kugel, Jerusalem, Israel

Pain and arthritis all gone

No French woman will ever tell you her real age but…your medicine saved me from a lot of trouble, and I owe you a courtesy. I am in my middle fifties and was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees. Pain was more annoying than severe, but this was not what scared me. I was frightened by arthritis because of my family history. My late father got the very same problem when he was about sixty. In a few more years arthritis in his body spread all over, he was reduced to limping and finally found himself in a wheelchair. I envisioned such a future for myself, and it made me very unhappy, since the medicine I was prescribed helped only a little and only a short period of time. One lucky day I was having lunch in Paris with my younger friend from the States. She asked why I looked so unhappy, and I shared my fears with her. She said that she never traveled without a small amount of a special cream that she uses in case of injury, and that she knew it was supposed to help in case of arthritic pain. I used a bit of that cream that night, and then received some more from America. I used only a small portion, and the pain and arthritis were all gone. I still keep the leftover and use it rarely, just in case.

- Marie-France P, Paris, France

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