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Testimonials In Their Own Words
“…The world needs your product.”

- Ronda Abrams, a syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and popular public speaker

“…DeepSea Gold™, a pain relieving anti-inflammatory medication, has been featured on Ask the Doctor, a nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show, hosted by Derrick DeSilva, MD”

- Derrick DeSilva, MD, NJ

Your medicine is the only one

Read about DeepSea Gold™ in a newspaper I am 30. Several months ago I had a very bad car accident. Since then I have been suffering from pain all over my body. I had tried every pain relieving medicine available. Nothing helped; I was scared and miserable. Then one lucky day I read an article in a local newspaper about DeepSea Gold miracle pain reliever. I want you to know that your medicine is the only one that has helped me. I still have some pain left, but now I am definitely heading for a full recovery.

- Albina M., Albany, NY

It stopped my pain

Please send me another jar of DeepSea Gold. I like it; it stopped pain in my arms.

- Birdy W., Shawboro, NC

No more pain

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left toe. I experienced strong pain and was reduced to limping. Medicine prescribed by doctors and taken orally was of no help. Neither was the pain killing shots. Then a customer of mine suggested I try DeepSea Gold. The day after I had used it for the first time all the symptoms started to disappear. A few days later I was completely well again. I have been so lucky!

- John Z., Queens, NY

Helping many more people

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude for the ‘golden cream’ you sent to my wife. She suffered from a lot of pain in her hands. No medicine helped, and doctors recommended surgery. After having used DeepSea Gold for some time according to your instructions and with G-d’s help she is completely pain free.
We have recommended your cream to our relatives and friends who suffered from joint pains. Those who used this cream (that is worth more than gold) have become pain free very quickly. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I pray that with G-d’s help you would be successful in helping many more people.

- Rabbi A. Kugel, Jerusalem, Israel

Pain and arthritis all gone

No French woman will ever tell you her real age but…your medicine saved me from a lot of trouble, and I owe you a courtesy. I am in my middle fifties and was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees. Pain was more annoying than severe, but this was not what scared me. I was frightened by arthritis because of my family history. My late father got the very same problem when he was about sixty. In a few more years arthritis in his body spread all over, he was reduced to limping and finally found himself in a wheelchair. I envisioned such a future for myself, and it made me very unhappy, since the medicine I was prescribed helped only a little and only a short period of time. One lucky day I was having lunch in Paris with my younger friend from the States. She asked why I looked so unhappy, and I shared my fears with her. She said that she never traveled without a small amount of a special cream that she uses in case of injury, and that she knew it was supposed to help in case of arthritic pain. I used a bit of that cream that night, and then received some more from America. I used only a small portion, and the pain and arthritis were all gone. I still keep the leftover and use it rarely, just in case.

- Marie-France P, Paris, France

Heard on Radio Program

I was suffering from pain in my knees and was looking for a drug-free treatment. Then I heard a doctor speaking on radio program about your topical cream. My joints get swollen, itchy, painful, when weather turns be rainy cold, since rest of therapies aren’t helpful, I get the help from DeepSea Gold™!. I don’t feel pain anymore, and my knees are now healthy, but I still apply your cream at least ones a week simply because I want to avoid developing joint problems in the future.

- Sophie Gross, New York, NY

Opinion of Rheumatologist, MD

I have shared this new product with many of my arthritis patients. Amazingly enough, patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefited greatly, even when our more conservative and standard therapies failed. I have seen in some cases that intra-articular steroids failed, and DeepSea Gold™ proved beneficial. It dramatically decreased inflamed synovial tissues. I would be more than pleased for you to use my name and quote me regarding this product.

- Allan L.,MD, New Jersey

RN: It’s great

As far as I am concerned, DeepSea Gold™ should be a household necessity. It certainly worked wonders on a deep bruise on my left thigh sustained during a resent softball game. It’s great! My bruises now heal much more rapidly than usual.

- Michelle Radell, R.N., NC

Thanks from MD

Thanks for your resent shipment of two jars of DeepSea Gold™. My wife and a friend are using them, as well as my mother.

- Dr. Allan J.,MD, Florida

Asking for distributorship

Sir, with respect I have to inform you that we bought more than 20 jars of your cream, and it was successfully used by all our relatives who had pain in their joints. We like your product very much, and we want to ask you if we can buy it in large quantities to be your representatives in our country.

- Mohammad S., Pakistan

A man and a dog were saved from misery

My husband got severe toothache in the middle of the night. In the morning we called the office of a dentist in our area. But the answering service told us that the doctor would be in his office only the following day, and we could get an appointment as early as at 8 o’clock in the morning. My husband agreed. Meanwhile he was still in pain, and had to go to work. Of course, he could try to find another dentist, but we didn’t have dental insurance, and we were concerned how high would be the bill from a dentist that we were not acquainted with. In the meantime, my mother called me, and I told her about our emergency. She reminded me that a few months before she had bought a small bottle of medicinal mouthwash she used on her little dog that was suffering from harsh gingivitis and could not eat. The mouthwash was made for people but helped the dog to recover quickly. The pet is completely okay now, and she used only a small portion of liquid. Half an hour later my mother came over with the mouthwash. My husband was still in pain and very skeptical, as he always is. Nevertheless, he used the remedy twice within fifteen minutes, and a miracle did happen – the pain disappeared. It was four months ago, and the pain never came back. Since then, we always have had a bottle of your DeepSea Gold™ rinse at home and use it as directed. And yes, my husband canceled the visit to see the dentist, and it saved us an armful of money, too.

- Pauline S., Queens, NY

Severe pain in the throat was gone

For over five months I had a severe pain in my throat. I went from one doctor to another, I swallowed tons of tablets they prescribed, including antibiotics, but the pain did not go away. Needless to say, I was frightened, feared the worst, possibly cancer. I tried to gargle with alcohol, but it made me feel even worth. A good friend of mine wanted to help me, and she went from one drug store to another asking if they would know a remedy that might possibly help in my case. In one place, an elderly receptionist told her about the DeepSea Gold™ medicinal mouthwash that was not available in drug stores. The woman gave my friend a telephone number to call. When I got the mouthwash, I started to gargle three times a day. Two days later all the symptoms started to disappear, the pain was gone, and everything returned to normal. It’s like a miracle. Thank you.

- Kristina B., Brooklyn, NY

No operation needed

I was diagnosed with periodontosis. My dentist told me that the disease was incurable, especially since the condition had progressed. He suggested an operation. A relative of mine convinced me first to try a new medicinal mouthwash that helped her to get rid of a bad mouth inflammation. I started to use the solution twice a day, and after two days I noticed a difference-no bleeding and itching, no pain while brushing my teeth. I went to see my dentist again (I do have dental insurance), and he was amazed. He said I should continue to use the mouthwash, and if everything would go as well as it looked, I might need no operation. Great!

- Dr. Gale L. PhD, Brooklyn, NY

Brother and sister got much better

I have always had bleeding and swollen gums, but with no dental, or even medical, insurance you can not do much. When I discovered the DeepSea Gold™ medicinal mouthwash, I started to use it. Quickly, my mouth began to feel better then never before. Then I stopped using it and gave the rest of the mouthwash to my sister, since her too, needed to improve her oral condition. My sister reported much improvement, but my gums started to get a bit swollen again. I just got another bottle of your medicine, and I am going to use it until I am completely well.

- Edward B., Queens, NY

My arthritic pain disappeared

I have had the opportunity to use this medicine over the past few years. I have used it in treating my own initial stages of arthritis, osteoarthritis of the neck area, and numerous bruises. In each case I have witnessed the tremendously beneficial effects of the DeepSea Gold™. My arthritic pain disappeared after a few applications, and my bruises disappeared after a few days compared to a few weeks for other products. I even found that DeepSea Gold™ could prevent bruises from appearing if applied in time.

- Dr. Luba Warrack PhD, NC

Love story and improved dentistry

Fifty years ago, when I was fourteen, my first ever girlfriend, a year and a half older them me, expressed her displeasure at my bleeding gums. She was right. She was still ready to marry me under the condition that I improve my oral health. This old love story soon became history, but my dental problems had stayed with me for a long while. Endless visits to dentists and periodontologists helped a bit, but there was no permanent cure for my oral condition. Until I happened to discover the DeepSea Gold™ medicinal mouthwash. In short, for the last six years I have had no need to see a dentist. My gums are okay, and those teeth I still do have are stronger than ever. One thing more. One day I met the dentist I used to see. After greetings I asked him politely: What would you say if a medicine to cure periodontosis were available? He looked at me and said with a spurn: Let’s wait another one hundred years! I didn’t say anything, didn’t want to disappoint the doctor. Please excuse me, but no doctor is interested in complete cure. You know why. I have saved my money – a lot!

- Robert H., Long Island, NY

Husband, Wife, and a Family Doctor

He: I am 69 years old, had pain in my left knee, hands, and shoulder, I was diagnosed as having arthritis. After using your cream for about a week pain vanished, but when I was sitting nearby an air conditioner, the pain in the shoulder returned because of air conditioning, so I am using the cream again and it is getting much better.

She: For about 15 years I used to have some pain in both of my knees. The first time I applied your cream it helped me right away; but I still use the medication from time to time to be sure.

He: I told our doctor about your remedy, he used it to alleviate pain in his hands and it helped him. The doctor told me: I am going to recommend it to my patients.

She: This stuff came strait from Heaven!

He: Can I buy myself into your company with $50,000?

- William Lazar, Brookline, MA (the customer initiated the telephone conversation)

My dog’s dental happy end

When my little nine year best friend schnauzer lost his appetite, I took him to the veterinarian.

The doctor quickly discovered that my dog had inflamed gums and had difficulty to chew the hard staff. I visited the doctor two more times for extensive treatment but the improvement was minimal. It had already cost me $210 since I didn’t have insurance for my pet. I was already scheduled for the fourth visit, when walking my dog I met a lady walking her. As the dogs stopped, I told her about my dog’s dental problem. The lady happened to know someone with the same problem, and I asked her for information.

Now about the happy end. When I first applied your liquid to my dog’s gums according to your directions, he yelped for awhile. Next morning, surprise-surprise, the dog approached me looking into my eyes and waging his tale. He was asking me to give him the treatment again! Within a week my dog was okay. I did go to see the veterinarian ones more. He was amazed at the way your remedy worked, and, guess what-he waved his fees that time. Thank you.

- Julie T, Forest Hills, New York

Would recommend this magical natural remedy

Five years ago I had an operation on open heart (a bypass). I happened to be highly allergic to medications taken after the operation and quickly developed pustular neurodermatitis. My body from toe to head was covered with pustules, the face was swollen, and my whole body was itching day and night. I went to see different medical specialists, was suggested change of medication, topical creams, even changes in diet.

Needles to say, nothing helped. A colleague of mine brought me a jar of DeepSea Gold ointment and an application instruction. After about ten days I noticed some improvement, and after three months I was completely okay. I would recommend this magical natural remedy to everyone in need.

- Dr. Andrew Temchin, PhD, professor of Physiology, North-East University, IL