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No operation needed

I was diagnosed with periodontosis. My dentist told me that the disease was incurable, especially since the condition had progressed. He suggested an operation. A relative of mine convinced me first to try a new medicinal mouthwash that helped her to get rid of a bad mouth inflammation. I started to use the solution twice a day, and after two days I noticed a difference-no bleeding and itching, no pain while brushing my teeth. I went to see my dentist again (I do have dental insurance), and he was amazed. He said I should continue to use the mouthwash, and if everything would go as well as it looked, I might need no operation. Great!

- Dr. Gale L. PhD, Brooklyn, NY

Husband, Wife, and a Family Doctor

He: I am 69 years old, had pain in my left knee, hands, and shoulder, I was diagnosed as having arthritis. After using your cream for about a week pain vanished, but when I was sitting nearby an air conditioner, the pain in the shoulder returned because of air conditioning, so I am using the cream again and it is getting much better.
She: For about 15 years I used to have some pain in both of my knees. The first time I applied your cream it helped me right away; but I still use the medication from time to time to be sure.
He: I told our doctor about your remedy, he used it to alleviate pain in his hands and it helped him. The doctor told me: I am going to recommend it to my patients.
She: This stuff came strait from Heaven!
He: Can I buy myself into your company with $50,000?

- William Lazar, Brookline, MA (the customer initiated the telephone conversation)

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