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Since your products aren't tested on animals, how are they tested for safety?

In formulating our natural products, we utilize the derived from the sea waters ingredients with a long history of safe use. Many cosmetic products use sea water ingredients that have already been thoroughly tested for safety, and they are generally recognized as safe by FDA

We have also had plentiful customers, numerous friends, and family members try our products to ascertain their safety.


 Why are your prices higher than those of other similar products?

All our products are unique medicinal remedies that deliver proven results. The remedies are scientifically formulated to give you everything we claim.

We use only the top quality natural ingredients derived from ocean waters to create the finest products we possibly can. Unfortunately, those quality natural ingredients are in short supply and are more expensive than readily available on the market synthetic or natural ones. Therefore, the price of scarce natural products of high value is always higher.

Consequently, DeepSea Gold remedies save you much money and time; help you to escape unpleasant experiences. Imagine just one or two fewer visits to your dentist allow you to get a high return on modest investment. Do your own math please, and discover that DeepSea Gold™ remedies are saving you a lot of money by making visits to your doctor or dentist rare.


What makes DeepSea Gold remedies so diverse?

DeepSea Gold remedies are a revolutionary health aid that takes care of a variety of health issues in a most convenient way for you. The remedies affect the disease itself, not just symptoms.                                                                                                                              

Modern science discovered the links between mineral deficiency in the human body and major chronic diseases. Oceans and, especially, deep sea waters are extremely rich in minerals, salts, and microelements.

Nowadays it is agreed between medical practitioners that sea salt therapy is an effective treatment that assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and induces a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and seawater. The application of a remedy derived from seawater (which biologically is similar to the body’s own internal fluids) allows minerals-like magnesium, bromine, and potassium-to be drawn into the blood stream while toxins are actively eliminated.               

DeepSea Gold  remedies are greatly concentrated and have been proven to boost the immune system, restore damaged cells, reduce soreness, pain, inflammation, and swelling in significant dosages, thus, restoring the injured tissue.


Why the PainExterminator™ is called ‘Ancient Remedy’?

It is called ‘Nature’s Ancient Remedy for Relief of Aches and Pains’ because the ancient doctors were aware of curative properties of ocean waters. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater by noticing the healing affects it had on the injured hands of fishermen. Seawater not only restricted infection risks, but also promoted pain relief.

As you can see the knowledge was there, Science came later. We were able to apply modern science to produce remedies that can be effectively used by you in the convenience of your own home.


What side effects can your remedies cause?

No side effects. The remedies contain minerals and microelements that make them ‘biological relatives’ of the human body. Therefore, in accordance with a ‘law of similarity’ our remedies have the ability to enrich a biologically/chemically similar compound - to repair it. Their interaction always results in positive synergy that leads to healing with no side effects. Side effect is an outcome of negative synergy when intrusion is made by a dissimilar composition like many synthetically (chemically) produced medications.


Any unpleasant sensations your remedies cause?

Certain people with high skin sensitivity after a few days of using Pain Exterminator™ may develop some itching. In such a case it is recommended to interrupt the application for a day or so and apply a cream for dry skin.


What kind of mouthwash shell I use?

For prevention of oral disease and gums protection use Preveneed™  as directed. To alleviate a condition of gingivitis, pereodontosis, etc., or quickly kill the oral pain use Extra Robusteen™  mouthwash.


Do your products expire?

Our products have no expiration dates since they are natural conservants. However, we recommend storing the mouthwash in the original plastic bottle for no more than one year; in a glass container it can be stored for as long as needed. 


Are your remedies for everyone?

We would recommend the Pain Exterminator™exclusively to people who are in need to improve their chances to live a pain-free life; to those who want to have comfortable knees, feet, ankles, elbows, improve mobility and possible avoid invasive surgery.
Our dental mouthwashes are for everyone: male, female, young, old – everyone is better with DeepSea Gold. And don’t forget your pet – you bet!

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Testimonials In Their Own Words

Helping many more people

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude for the ‘golden cream’ you sent to my wife. She suffered from a lot of pain in her hands. No medicine helped, and doctors recommended surgery. After having used DeepSes Gold for some time according to your instructions and with G-d’s help she is completely pain free.
We have recommended your cream to our relatives and friends who suffered from joint pains. Those who used this cream (that is worth more than gold) have become pain free very quickly. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I pray that with G-d’s help you would be successful in helping many more people.

- Rabbi A. Kugel, Jerusalem, Israel

Pain and arthritis all gone

No French woman will ever tell you her real age but…your medicine saved me from a lot of trouble, and I owe you a courtesy. I am in my middle fifties and was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees. Pain was more annoying than severe, but this was not what scared me. I was frightened by arthritis because of my family history. My late father got the very same problem when he was about sixty. In a few more years arthritis in his body spread all over, he was reduced to limping and finally found himself in a wheelchair. I envisioned such a future for myself, and it made me very unhappy, since the medicine I was prescribed helped only a little and only a short period of time. One lucky day I was having lunch in Paris with my younger friend from the States. She asked why I looked so unhappy, and I shared my fears with her. She said that she never traveled without a small amount of a special cream that she uses in case of injury, and that she knew it was supposed to help in case of arthritic pain. I used a bit of that cream that night, and then received some more from America. I used only a small portion, and the pain and arthritis were all gone. I still keep the leftover and use it rarely, just in case.

- Marie-France P, Paris, France

Heard on Radio Program

I was suffering from pain in my knees and was looking for a drug-free treatment. Then I heard a doctor speaking on radio program about your topical cream. My joints get swollen, itchy, painful, when weather turns be rainy cold, since rest of therapies aren’t helpful, I get the help from DeepSea Gold™!. I don’t feel pain anymore, and my knees are now healthy, but I still apply your cream at least ones a week simply because I want to avoid developing joint problems in the future.

- Sophie Gross, New York, NY

Opinion of Rheumatologist, MD

I have shared this new product with many of my arthritis patients. Amazingly enough, patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefited greatly, even when our more conservative and standard therapies failed. I have seen in some cases that intra-articular steroids failed, and DeepSea Gold™ proved beneficial. It dramatically decreased inflamed synovial tissues. I would be more than pleased for you to use my name and quote me regarding this product.

- Allan L.,MD, New Jersey

Thanks from MD

Thanks for your resent shipment of two jars of DeepSea Gold™. My wife and a friend are using them, as well as my mother.

- Dr. Allan J.,MD, Florida

No more pain

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left toe. I experienced strong pain and was reduced to limping. Medicine prescribed by doctors and taken orally was of no help. Neither was the pain killing shots. Then a customer of mine suggested I try DeepSea Gold. The day after I had used it for the first time all the symptoms started to disappear. A few days later I was completely well again. I have been so lucky!

- John Z., Queens, NY

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